Ramesh Ghanta

Ramesh was born and raised in Odessa, TX and entered UT Dallas in the Fall of 2014. He is currently a Neuroscience major and intends on graduating with his Bachelors of Science in May 2018. He has been a part of the Prasad lab since May 2015 and has done work ranging from cell research to biosensor design. He hopes to attend medical school and pursue an MD after graduating from UT Dallas.

Tyler Meyerse

Tyler is an undergraduate student worker.

Amanda Bacon

Amanda was raised in Illinois, but finished high school in Texas. She started attending UT Dallas in 2015, and is currently a chemistry major. She has previously worked in Dr. Chan’s laboratory on crystalline materials, but moved to Dr. Prasad’s lab in the summer of 2016. Amanda is looking at a career in research and product development.

Jerry Cao

Jerry grew up in Texas and is an undergraduate at UTD pursuing a bachelors in Biochemistry. As a sophomore he became a founding member and officer of the Biochemistry association. In his free time he enjoys fishing and traveling. Starting in the summer of 2016, Jerry has been working in the lab of Dr. Prasad.

Shajee Chaudry

Shajee grew up in Plano, Texas and is currently pursuing Bachelor’s of Science in Biology and Business Administration from the University of Texas at Dallas, where he plans to graduate from in May 2017. During his time as an undergraduate in Dr. Prasad’s Biomedical Microdevices and Nanotechnology Laboratory, where he started in the summer of 2014, he has investigated the sensitivity of a variety of devices that test for troponin-t.

Paul Mitchell

Paul was born in Kansas City, but lived for a time in the Netherlands. He is currently finishing his B.S. in Biomedical Engineering here at UT Dallas. Paul is currently working with Rujuta Munje as an undergraduate researcher.

Aroob Kamal

Aroob Kamal graduated from Plano Senior High School. She now attends University of Texas at Dallas. She is a senior in the biomedical engineering program. She is working in the Biomedical Microdevices and Nanotechnology Laboratory as an undergrad with Rujuta Munje on research based on nano-bioelectronic devices.

Kang Choi

Kang is an undergraduate student worker.